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  It  all began in 2009 when Andreas and Virgil came up with an idea to create a fashion brand which combines the preppiness of Northern Sealand with the darker roots of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. They found a few old English patches, and sewed them onto a white tee shirt. The tee shirt was shown to friends and family, and it became an instant favorite. Andreas and Virgil were stoked! Now, all they had to do was sell the tee shirt to a few stores in Denmark, and a brand would be born.
 ’47’s present-day success comes from never forgetting its roots.  In 1947, twin brothers and Italian immigrants, Arthur and Henry D’Angelo founded Twins Enterprise, now ’47. The D’Angelos were entrepreneurial pioneers who were quick to see the future of sports licensing by selling pennants and other sports memorabilia on the streets around Fenway Park. Through a combination of hard work, sound instincts and incredible passion, the brothers were able to grow their business from a single street cart to a premier sports lifestyle brand that uniquely melds sport and style.
 H2O Sportswear was founded back in 1982 by Jens Knud Lind. The fundamental idea was to create sportswear of a unique cotton quality that would also have an extremely high degree of functionality and durability. Based on classic Scandinavian design, H2O Sportswear developed its own colourful and characteristic design with stripes, a unique fit and innovative designs.   In the spring of 2014, H2O was able to present its first collaboration with the Danish designer Stine Goya. This cooperation involved a redesign of the iconic H2O sandal and its success was based on classic Danish design and high quality craftmanship. The excitement caused by the recast sandals was huge and it allowed H2O to remain in the fashion industry – the redesigned gold sandal became a new trend. 
 Mouli is a fashion brand founded in Stockholm 2005 by brothers Eitil and Vemund Due. Growing up with parents who were both working as artists, they were encouraged to experiment and follow their own path at an early age.  In the beginning they made clothes only for themselves to wear and eventually friends, and friends of their friends started to wear them too. The collection is playful with fabrics and colors, but serious when it comes to manufacturing. The brand is in constant development but the foundation stays the same, a contemporary and sophisticated version of street wear, characterized by strong details and the artistic legacy of the brothers. The ambition is to make clothes that people will love and wear for a long time.